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Month: February 2007

February 28, 2007

Teaching Kids That Property Rights Are Evil

by Timothy Sandefur This is truly beyond belief. TCS Daily writer Maureen Martin reports on a Seattle school that banned Legos in an attempt to teach children that private property is evil. The kids had built a whole Lego-town, which the teachers saw as an opportunity to teach children that ownership is bad and that ...

February 27, 2007

Russ Brooks

We at the Pacific Legal Foundation are very sad to announce the death of our friend and colleague, Russ Brooks, managing attorney of our Bellvue, Washington office. Russ was one of our most effective advocates for freedom, and his passing was a shock to us all. More details on this extraordinary man here. ...

February 21, 2007

And Montana

The Montana legislature is considering three eminent domain reform bills as a better-late-than never response to Kelo.  ...

February 21, 2007


Wyoming's legislature has given "preliminary approval" to a stripped-down eminent domain reform bill. The stripping, regrettably, took place in the realm of just compensation protections. ...

February 19, 2007

Private Property Rights Under Fire in Missouri

by Timothy Sandefur PLF's James Burling at I have an article in the Kansas City Star about eminent domain abuse in Missouri–abuse even worse than the Kelo case allows. ...

February 16, 2007

Maryland's High Court Disallows Baltimore's Property-Seizing Attempt

Legal News Line has this story today on the Valsamaki case. Excerpt: "The basic rule in America has always been that government must give you your day in court before it takes your property," said Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Timothy Sandefur, who filed a friend of the court brief in the case. "But in Maryland ...

February 14, 2007

New Study Details Devastating Effects of Eminent Domain Abuse on African Americans

The Institute for Justice has just released a new report by Dr. Mindy Fullilove, entitled "Eminent Domain & African Americans: What is the Price of the Commons?" You can read it online here. ...

February 14, 2007

Eminent Domain In Uganda

A most interesting revelation in this article on private property in Uganda is that, in theory at least, what we'd recognize as takings for private redevelopment are prohibited by Ugandan law. ...

February 14, 2007

Look Closer

So both sides of the aisle in the Nevada legislature are working to pass eminent domain restrictions.  Great news, right? Not when they're doing it to preempt an overwhelmingly-approved voter initiative that's much better for property owners. ...

February 12, 2007

Garnett on Undercompensation

Prof. Nicole Garnett has a post on The Volokh Conspiracy about the sad fact that the government never actually pays people what their property is worth. ...