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Month: June 2007

June 29, 2007

Important Eminent Domain Victory in New York

by Timothy Sandefur points to this very significant victory in an eminent domain case in New York. So far as I know, this is the first post-Kelo decision to be based on the idea of pretext: that is, in which the court has found that contrary to the government's claims, the taking was actually ...

June 29, 2007

Arizona Daily Sun on Flagstaff Prop. 207 Case

by Timothy Sandefur The (Flagstaff) Arizona Daily Sun has this article today about PLF's Proposition 207 case against the city of Flagstaff. ...

June 27, 2007

The Volokh Conspiracy on Wilkie v. Robbins

Three excellent posts from our friends at the Volokh Conspiracy discuss the consequences of the Robbins decision. First, Ilya Somin explains that "If protecting a constitutional right really is too burdensome for the government, the proper solution is a constitutional amendment curtailing the right in question – not a judicial decision r ...

June 27, 2007

Some Important Posts from Reason

by Timothy Sandefur Leonard Gilroy, the Reason Foundation's outstanding spokesman for the rights of property owners in California and elsewhere, is kind enough to mention PLF in two important recent posts on Reason's Out of Control blog. Here's one on the second anniversary of Kelo v. New London, and here's one on Proposition 207. A ...

June 27, 2007

A Good Summation on Robbins v. Wilkie

Inverse has some important thoughts and a good collection of posts on the Robbins decision. ...

June 27, 2007

An Interesting Development re. ACA 8

by Timothy Sandefur The California Alliance to Protect Property Rights has some interesting news: In order to avoid a contentious public hearing, the Assembly Judiciary Committee has moved up its hearing on the redevelopment industry's legislative package, introduced by Assemblyman Hector De La Torre, to Tuesday, July 3rd – one day prior to the 4 ...

June 26, 2007

L.A. Times on Robbins Case

The Los Angeles Times's Henry Weinstein has this article on the Supreme Court's shameful decision in Wilkie v. Robbins. Robbins' longtime attorney, Karen Budd-Falen, said: "The Supreme Court majority was not interested in justice for the individual; rather, it was concerned that its decision would open the floodgates of litigation. ...

June 25, 2007

Robbins And Retaliation Against Property Owners

by Timothy Sandefur Today's decision in Wilkie v. Robbins is a terrible disappointment, and proof once again of the double standards that the Supreme Court applies to property owners as opposed to the government. It's little wonder that home and business owners across the nation believe that their property rights are treated—as the Court ...

June 25, 2007

Property Owners Lose Again in The Supreme Court

Today, the Supreme Court ruled against a private property owner who argued that the Fifth Amendment included a right not to be retaliated against when he refuses to give up his land to the government. The decision has not been made public yet, but we'll be following it. In the meantime, here is the Pacific ...

June 21, 2007

More on National City

Orange Juice has more details from the rally in National City. ...