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Month: September 2007

September 30, 2007

Oh, No! Prop. 207 Works! (The Sequel)

by Timothy Sandefur Diana Balazs of the Arizona Republic has this article complaining that Prop. 207, which was desgined to prevent the government from infringing on property rights is actually preventing the government from infringing on property rights. "the Private Property Rights Protection Act is severely limiting what government can do t ...

September 25, 2007

Pacific Legal Foundation Will Fight Important Missouri Eminent Domain Case

by Timothy Sandefur The Pacific Legal Foundation has agreed to represent Missouri dentist Homer Tourkakis and his wife Julie, whose land has been condemned by the city of Arnold. The case will be heard by the Missouri Supreme Court. The City of Arnold, about 20 minutes south of St. Louis, is trying to seize the ...

September 19, 2007

Land Use Regulation in L.A.

On a similar note, Prof. Somin has some comments at Volokh Conspiracy. ...

September 19, 2007

Beware Deceptive Initiatives

Larry Gilbert at Orange Juice warns about deceptive eminent domain ballot initiatives in California. ...

September 19, 2007

California High Prices Caused by Land Use Regulation

The Orange County Register had a nice article here about how government's restrictions of our right to use private property increase the cost of housing. Not surprising, really: many California communitiees make it practically illegal to build new homes, so we shouldn't be surprised that the prices of homes go through the roof. More at ...

September 13, 2007

ACA 8 Defeated

by Timothy Sandefur A.C.A. 8, a legislative proposal here in California which would have provided virtually no real protection against the abuse of eminent domain, has failed to get the votes necessary to be placed on the California ballot. This is important because, as Dan Walters pointed out some time ago, A.C.A. 8 was really ...

September 10, 2007

Downtown Fixtures Not in Need of Fixing…Or Replacing

by Timothy Sandefur Fresno Bee columnist Bill McEwen has this article about the Pacific Legal Foundation's lawsuit against the city of Fresno, which last week ended in a settlement allowing Gary Lanfranco to keep his property. Excerpt: Lanfranco is the third-generation owner of "Cosmo," a century-old landmark that the Redevelopment Ag ...

September 06, 2007

Fresno Promises To Respect Business Owner's Property Rights

The Pacific Legal Foundation today announced a legal settlement with the city of Fresno, in which the city acknowledged that it had failed to re-establish the existence of "blight" in the Chinatown area as required when amending redevelopment plans. More importantly, the city promised not to condemn the Cosmopolitan Tavern, the restaurant ...

September 02, 2007

Real Steal Posing As The Real Deal

by Timothy Sandefur The Orange County Register has this editorial on the recent attempt by the California League of Cities to attack the genuine eminent domain reform initiative in California. The same organizations supporting ACA8 are claiming that the CPOFPA would forbid the use of eminent domain to create water-storage facilities. This is a chea ...