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Month: January 2008

January 28, 2008

Prof. Somin on Kelo And Subprime Mortgages

Ilya Somin has some comments on Steven Geoffrey Geiseler's article in The American Spectator. ...

January 26, 2008

Property Owners Remain Vulnerable to Eminent Domain

by Timothy Sandefur Today's St. Louis Business Journal carries my article about the City of Arnold v. Tourkakis case. Subscription is required, although it will be available for free on Monday. ...

January 23, 2008

The Powerful vs. The People

The Pacific Legal Foundation's Steven Geoffrey Gieseler has an article on The American Spectator's website about the lamentable fact that Congress and the presidential candidates are discussing "saving people's homes" with regard to the home mortgage crisis–but ignoring the need to save their homes from eminent domain. E ...

January 19, 2008

Why the Tourkakis case matters

by Timothy Sandefur Here's a good story from Kansas City's channel 4 news (be sure to click on "video") that explains why the Tourkakis eminent domain case is so important. If the Missouri Supreme Court expands the state law known as the TIF Act to allow not only charter cities but all cities, to use ...

January 19, 2008

News Round-Up about Tourkakis

(left to right: PLF clients Julie and Homer Tourkakis pose with PLF attorney Timothy Sandefur and Homer's father Homer Sr., in front of the Missouri Supreme Court) St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Eminent domain battle gets Supreme Court hearing." KOMU television: "Hoping to protect homes" There's also a video on KOMU's website. Columbia Tribune: "Den ...

January 18, 2008

Properties Becoming Too Easy to Take Away

The News-Leader had a great editorial on the Tourkakis case by Dave Roland of the Show-Me Institute. Excerpt: When the Missouri Supreme Court hears arguments in City of Arnold v. Tourkakis today, it will have to choose between two very different paths. The court could side with the city and its commercial developers, meaning that ...

January 18, 2008

Tourkakis Oral Argument

You can listen to the oral arguments in the Tourkakis eminent domain case on the Missouri Supreme Court's website now. It's am mp3 file so it takes a while to load. ...

January 14, 2008

Another Disturbing Case About Government’s Promises to Use Eminent Domain

by Timothy Sandefur A while back I discussed the Colorado Supreme Court's decision in the Wheat Ridge case, which held that courts could not compel cities to use eminent domain to transfer land to private developers—but which contained some very disturbing language about the government's power to "redistribute" land through emin ...

January 09, 2008

Gideon Kanner on Jeffrey Toobin and Eminent Domain

Gideon Kanner has a negative review of Jeffrey Toobin's book The Nine, at least those portions dealing with the Kelo case. Excerpt: So how does Toobin explain the country's vigorous reaction to this supposedly ho-hum controversy? It was the doing of "the conservative movement," that's how. It was the likes of Tom DeLay and Joh ...

January 09, 2008

Missouri Eminent Domain Case to Be Argued Next Week

by Timothy Sandefur On Thursday, January 17, I will be at the Missouri Supreme Court making the argument in City of Arnold v. Tourkakis. This is the case in which a small city south of St. Louis is trying to condemn the dentist office of Homer Tourkakis, so that they can construct the Arnold Commons, ...