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Month: March 2008

March 25, 2008

Missouri Citizens for Property Rights

The Columbia Tribune's Politics Blog has an interview with Ron Calzone of Missouri Citizens for Property Rights about the Tourkakis case. ...

March 25, 2008

Amend the State Constitution to Protect Property Rights

PLF client Homer Tourkakis has this article in St. Louis Today this morning, explaining why the only hope for protecting property rights in Missouri is to amend the state Constitution. Excerpt: My wife, Julie, and I opened our dental practice in 1985. We raised two beautiful daughters and sent them to Missouri colleges. We've tried ...

March 24, 2008

"Unlimited And Practically Absolute"

by Timothy Sandefur Columnist Paul Jacob has this excellent editorial on the Tourkakis case. Excerpt: In this case, Arnold v. Tourkakis, the judges one-upped the infamous Kelo decision, ignored the state constitution, and overruled the lower court's good sense. All to give Arnold the power to abuse eminent domain. This may not sound like much, ...

March 23, 2008

Jefferson County Journal on the Tourkakis Case

by Timothy Sandefur Here's an unusually good story on the Missouri Supreme Court's Tourkakis decision. Excerpt: With the ruling, Tourkakis said his belief in an individual's right to own property might be a myth. And, while he admits the whole experience has been unpleasant and exhausting, he has no misgivings about what he and his ...

March 19, 2008

PLF Press Release on Tourkakis Decision

Here is the Pacific Legal Foundation's press release regarding the Missouri Supreme Court's decision yesterday. ...

March 19, 2008

Missouri Supreme Court Allows City to Seize Homer Tourkakis' Land

by Timothy Sandefur The Missouri Supreme Court yesterday issued a short opinion allowing the third class city of Arnold, Missouri to use eminent domain to condemn land owned by PLF client Homer Tourkakis and transfer it to a private developer to construct a multimillion dollar shopping center. As you can see by comparing the opinion ...

March 13, 2008

Americans for Prosperity Conference in Topeka

by Timothy Sandefur I will also be speaking at the Americans for Prosperity Summit in Topeka, Kansas on Wednesday, March 19. More info here. ...

March 13, 2008

M.O.R.R. Conference on Eminent Domain in California

by Timothy Sandefur I will be speaking at the MORR conference on Redevelopment Abuse in Anaheim on Saturday. That's the Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform. Also on the bill are Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby, Orange County Register columnist Steven Greenhut, and Dr. Mindy Fullilov, author of Root Shoc ...

March 10, 2008

The Pacific Legal Foundation And "Follow-Up" Litigation

by Timothy Sandefur Professor Ilya Somin has recently been blogging about the new book The Rise of The Conservative Legal Movement by Steve Teles. In this post he mentions what he considers "a very important shortcoming" of groups like the Pacific Legal Foundation: namely, the failure to litigate "follow-up" cases to enforce maj ...

March 10, 2008

California Scheming

The Castle Coalition has released a new report on the abuse of eminent domain in California. Very much worth reading. Some highlights: • California has 395 active redevelopment agencies• about 80 percent of municipalities have a redevelopment agency• 759 blight zones• $12.9 billion worth of property owned by redevelopment agencies in fiscal ...