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Month: July 2015

July 31, 2015

For PLF's Seattle privacy push, a hat tip from the Chicago Trib

“Overreach” by “trash-sorting police.” That’s how the Chicago Tribune, in a wry but reflective editorial today, describes Seattle’s nosy new practice of rifling through people’s garbage to enforce its food waste ban. From their iconic tower near Lake Michigan, the Trib editors give a shout-out to PLF and ou ...

July 31, 2015

President's weekly report — July 31, 2015

Free speech in Texas We filed this amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to take up Hines v. Alldredge (Texas Board of Veterinary Examiners).  Texas law forbids vets from offering advice without first physically examining the animal. And even though this rule forbids Dr. Hines from communicating information to people, the Fifth Circuit Court of A ...

July 31, 2015

Update on PLF challenge to Corps and EPA water rule

In our last update, we noted the Corps and EPA would file a motion to consolidate the 10 suits filed in the district courts challenging the government’s expansive redefinition of “waters of the United States.”  That motion can be read here.  In the motion, the Corps and EPA argue the cases should be consolidated in ...

July 31, 2015

Thousands of loyal grassroots supporters can’t be wrong: PLF is no “tool” of big business

Every once in a while, someone who doesn't like the free legal representation PLF provides to individuals threatened by government abuse or who opposes our mission to restore individual liberty from coast to coast will scour the internet for some conspiracy theory to connect us with. Many are impossible to predict, even if they are ...

July 31, 2015

NRO piece on PLF suit challenging Oakland's public art exaction

Earlier this week, National Review Online ran my piece on PLF's lawsuit against the City of Oakland. The lawsuit challenges an illegal ordinance requiring builders of residential and commercial projects in the City to either produce public art displays on the building sites or pay a fee for local artists to create such a display ...

July 29, 2015

Is the Constitution cooler than public art? Not in Oakland

Watch out! The government-subsidized artists in the San Francisco Bay Area are coming!  As this news article explains, Bay Area artists are not happy about Pacific Legal Foundation’s recent legal challenge to the City of Oakland’s compelled public art ordinance.  The ordinance forces new developers to put public art on their propert ...

July 29, 2015

Composting v. Constitution–Townhall runs op-ed on trash snooping

An op-ed on PLF’s lawsuit against the City of Seattle for unconstitutional trash surveillance appeared today on The op-ed explains how the City’s composting mandate is enforced through weekly searches of the trash cans of every resident and business in the City. This kind of intrusion into private affairs does not compor ...

July 29, 2015

Courting Liberty podcast on forced teachers union funding

PLF is supporting a challenge to laws that compel public school educators to help foot the bill for the teachers union even if they aren't members. Click here to listen to PLF Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur explain the First Amendment issues that are at stake in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, which will be heard ...

July 29, 2015

When can government deprive professionals of their right to speak?

Dr. Ronald Hines is a Texas veterinarian who helps people over the telephone. For years, he's offered his advice to pet owners for a low, flat rate—a convenient alternative for people who might otherwise not be able to visit a vet's office. But it turns out that's illegal: Texas law forbids vets from offering advice ...

July 28, 2015

PLF to participate in Young Americans for Liberty National Convention

PLF is thrilled to be a part of the 7th Annual Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) National Convention. From July 29th to August 2nd, 350 top student leaders in the liberty movement will gather at Catholic University in Washington, DC for training, education, and networking. The full schedule of events is available here. Todd Gaziano, ...