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Year: 2016

January 04, 2016

PLF's Timothy Sandefur speaking in Orinda Jan. 21

I’ll be speaking to the Lamorinda Republican Women Federated group on January 21 at the Orinda Country Club, not far from Berkeley. Registration is required. Please join us! ...

January 05, 2016

Gray wolf protections spell trouble for ranchers

Last month's decision by the California Fish & Game Commission to protect the gray wolf under the California Endangered Species Act raises significant legal and policy questions. ...

January 05, 2016

Tune in to Steel on Steel for update on PLF's Montana school choice case

I will be on Steel on Steel at 2 p.m. PST today to discuss the current progress of our Montana school choice case. Listen here. ...

January 05, 2016

Economic liberty: the best way to help the poor

An unfolding tragedy in Washington state demonstrates how freedom serves the poor better than government ever will. Washington faces a dental crisis for the poor. Dentists routinely decline to serve patients who are on Medicaid because Medicaid fronts only a fraction of the cost. That means about a quarter of the state population doesn’t get ...

January 05, 2016

PLF's Tony Francois discusses Duarte Nursery case on air with Modesto AM 1360's Trevor Carey

This afternoon I joined Trevor Carey on AM 1360 in Modesto, California, to talk about Pacific Legal Foundation’s due process and retaliation case on behalf of Duarte Nursery against the Army Corps of Engineers. We also talked about PLF’s legal challenge to the EPA’s new “waters of the United States” regulation, under w ...

January 06, 2016

Is OSHA unconstitutional?

I think so.* In 1970, Congress enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the main purpose of which is to assure workers safe and healthful working conditions. To that end, the Act authorizes the Secretary of Labor to issue health and safety standards. The Act defines these, at first blush reasonably enough, as standards that ...

January 07, 2016

PLF victory! Feds finally act on manatee petition

It’s taken eight years and two lawsuits to get the government to follow up on its own experts’ recommendation to reclassify the manatee from "endangered" to "threatened." Today, in response to a PLF Atlantic Center lawsuit on behalf of Save Crystal River, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it is formally proposing a ...

January 08, 2016

Obamacare, property rights, and bears, oh my!

Well, not so much the bears. But I did talk with Tom Brown, Andy Caldwell, and Lou Desmond recently about PLF’s Obamacare litigation, my new book on property rights, why the idea of “voting the bums out” doesn’t work, and why the doctrine of “judicial deference” needs to be stamped out. If you missed it you ...

January 08, 2016

Texas Supreme Court sides with PLF on premises liability law

In May, PLF attorneys filed a brief supporting Occidental Chemical — and sensible tort law — in the Texas Supreme Court. The company installed a pH-balancing system on its premises in 1992, so that its workers wouldn’t have to haul containers up a ladder. Occidental sold the property to Equistar six years later, and an Equist ...

January 08, 2016

President’s weekly report — January 8, 2016

Victory for free enterprise PLF started the new year off right with an important victory in the Texas Supreme Court.  In a victory for PLF’s Free Enterprise Project, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against an expansive view of premises liability. As PLF attorney Wencong Fa explains in this blog post, “The law should encourage businesses ...