What is a writ of certiorari?

August 09, 2022 | By JAMES BURLING

Every year, Americans read about cases going to the Supreme Court and the potential legal and constitutional implications of those cases. The Supreme Court is unique because the Supreme Court Justices choose which cases the Court hears. But unless you’re a lawyer or a Supreme Court junkie, the process for how they choose those cases … ...


Arizona Republic : Blacklisted for playing at the park? Arizona’s child neglect agency goes too far

August 09, 2022 | By ADI DYNAR

It was Thanksgiving of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when a Tucson mom named Sarra headed to her grocery store to pick up a turkey. She’d brought her 7-year-old son and his 5-year-old friend along for the ride. But the store was asking people to stay outside to slow the spread of COVID-19, unless they were … ...


The Hill : DOJ’s proposed third-party settlement payment rule is ripe for abuse

August 08, 2022 | By ALISON SOMIN

Imagine that the Justice Department has settled a big case against a bank accused of race discrimination in lending. Many people have come forward to claim their portion of the settlement fund, but not as many as the parties initially estimated and significant money remains unclaimed. What should happen to the leftover money? Should it … ...


Discourse : Irrational Basis

August 05, 2022 | By ANASTASIA BODEN

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. While the outcome of the case is, of course, important—state legislatures can now more strictly regulate abortion—the court’s reasoning will have effects far beyond that particular debate. In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, the majority ruled that abortion is not a fundamental righ ...


How much government power is too much in the post-pandemic world?

August 03, 2022 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

Unmasked and open for business, the world is increasingly prepared to move on from the pandemic. But our world certainly has not returned to normal.   Our reality is, unfortunately, still defined by constant crisis: viruses, shocking violence, rampant inflation, and war.   Government response to these crises hasn’t deviated much from the ...


Daily Journal : The Supreme Court must continue to restore first principles in environmental law

August 02, 2022 | By FRANK GARRISON

The Constitution’s Framers designed a governmental system to protect individual liberty through structure. This structure of government would protect rights in two main ways: a division of power between the federal and state governments (vertical separation of powers), and between the federal branches – legislative, executive, and judic ...


The Hill : We should prefer accountable government to rule by the administrative state

August 01, 2022 | By LUKE WAKE

The Supreme Court ended its term with a highly consequential 6-3 decision in West Virginia v. EPA. The court repudiated the Environmental Protection Agency’s claim that Congress had delegated sweeping powers for the agency to pursue a regulatory agenda of its own creation that would force energy companies to adopt alternative energy sources. ...


California Globe : California wants to silence dissent on COVID-19

August 01, 2022 | By ETHAN BLEVINS

In 1593, the Roman Inquisition convicted the Dominican friar Giordano Bruno for heresy. His crime: teaching that the earth revolved around the sun. The inquisitors burned him alive. We should’ve learned from that dark era. Yet over 400 years after Bruno’s death, California is about to pass a law that will punish physicians for spreading ...


Monty Python and the quest to uphold an individual’s right to privacy

July 27, 2022 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

Exciting news!   Pacific Legal Foundation has acquired a lost alternate version of one of the last scenes in the cult classic film, Monty Python and The Holy Grail.   We are honored to be able to share it with you below!  ————————————————— ...