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March 25, 2019

In Memoriam, Ronald A. Zumbrun

It is with deep regret that we report that Pacific Legal Foundation's first president, Ronald A. Zumbrun, passed away on March 5, 46 years to the day after he helped found the organization. He was 84. Ron graduated from Pomona College in 1957 and from the University of California's Boalt Hall School of Law at ...

March 25, 2019

The Hill: Here’s why Congress, not the president, should lead on environmental protection

This article was originally published in The Hill on March 25, 2019. Last month, Congress approved a massive, bipartisan federal lands bill, designating five new national monuments, 1.3 million acres of wilderness, 620 rivers as wild and scenic, and permanently reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This legislative undertaking "tou ...

March 22, 2019

The Hill: Environmental regulations have become impossible to follow

This article was originally published in The Hill on March 18, 2019. Although major federal environmental statutes haven't changed substantially in decades, their implementation by the administrative agencies that enforce them has become almost whimsical. There is little consistency and predictability in the today's environmental regulation because ...

March 22, 2019

Houston Chronicle: Election Day choice: Your T-shirt or your vote

This article was originally published in the Houston Chronicle on March 21, 2019. There are some scenarios where you might expect an outfit to raise eyebrows — for example, wearing white to a wedding, a Longhorns shirt in College Station or a dress made of meat to a celebrity awards show. But when Houston resident ...

March 22, 2019

Weekly litigation report — March 22, 2019

PLF asks the U.S. Supreme Court to show some love for Love Terminal Last week, PLF filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to grant review of a critically important regulatory takings case. The case, Love Terminal Partners v. United States, has a long a history, which is summarized here and detailed here. ...

March 22, 2019

Can the government decline to register “scandalous” trademarks?

Erik Brunetti is a designer and artist, and since 1990 has owned a clothing brand called "fuct." Mr. Brunetti's brand was founded as, and remains, a provocative streetwear brand known for its anti-establishment celebration of freedom of expression. While it is a homonym for a common curse word," "fuct" has also come to be an ...

March 19, 2019

Rent-bidding websites still banned in Seattle

Seattle loves to sell itself as a tech mecca, until innovation clashes with progressive stereotypes. Then Seattle's arms are not so open, as San Fran tech startup and PLF client Rentberry found out. Rentberry is one of several innovative websites that are trying to revolutionize and simplify the home rental process. Rentberry simplifies and automat ...

March 18, 2019

Contractors file civil rights challenge to end cronyism in the North Star State

When a public school district wants to build a new school, should it assign the project to the most qualified bidder or the most politically connected one? That's the question at the forefront of Minnesota ABC v. Minneapolis Public Schools, a civil rights challenge PLF filed this Tuesday. PLF represents merit-shop contractors, who do terrific ...

March 15, 2019

Connecticut Parents Union v. Wentzell

Each year, world-class magnet schools in Connecticut deny admission to thousands of deserving children while leaving available seats empty—because of skin color. State law requires magnet schools' enrollment to be at least 25 percent white or Asian. This means Black and Hispanic students are turned away if their admission would push minority enro ...

March 15, 2019

Weekly litigation report — March 15, 2019

An initial victory for minority kids in Connecticut elementary schools On Thursday, a group of black and Hispanic families represented by PLF won an initial victory in their challenge to Connecticut's race-based quota for magnet schools in the city of Hartford. The policy requires 25% of a magnet school seats to be reserved for white ...