The Founders hated Old World justice. Agency adjudication brings it back.

November 28, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

Sitting on the stone-cold floor and staring out of the bars of his cell in the Tower of London, Thomas Cromwell awaited his execution. Cromwell had faithfully served King Henry VIII for over a decade and had earned an earldom for helping the King with his infamous marital life. And yet, here he sat with … ...


Protecting 1st Amendment rights also protects economic freedom and prosperity

November 15, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

The right to free expression and the right to earn a living go hand in hand. Entrepreneurship allows creatives to reject the stereotype of the starving artist by turning their artistic talent into a financially viable career. So when the government restricts the right of entrepreneurs to freely express themselves through art, it also restricts  ...


A muralist fights for free expression and economic liberty in Texas

November 01, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

The visionary artist Andy Warhol once said, “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” It’s true: Art that dazzles the senses for one may not excite another. But thanks to the freedom of expression recognized by the First Amendment, even if someone cannot see the beauty in art, they have no right to … ...


Photo Essay : The prohibition of art in a small town

October 12, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

Imagine a world without art—where humans are held captive by drab colors and stale, monotonous imagery of the day to day. One doesn’t have to be an art buff to understand how art delights the human senses and paints our lives with beauty and meaning. Art invokes a deep gratitude and appreciation for simply being … ...


Why won’t SCOTUS protect economic liberty?

October 11, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

The Supreme Court declined to hear a case that could have affirmed everyone’s right to economic liberty—an unfortunate decision that highlights a problem much larger than one case. New Orleans social worker Ursula Newell-Davis would like nothing more than to help families with special needs children. Raising an autistic son, along with 25 ...


USA Today : New Orleans social worker asks Supreme Court to protect freedom to work

September 20, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

Pacific Legal Foundation recently petitioned the Supreme Court the case of New Orleans social worker Ursula Newell-Davis, who argues that Louisiana’s certificate-of-need laws violate the right to earn a living. Writing for USA Today, former Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Anastasia Boden, who is still working with PLF on this case, explain ...


California’s law on who can use the title ‘dr.’ threatens livelihoods of healthcare professionals

September 19, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

When Sarah Erny was born, her father took one look at his infant daughter and knew she’d be a doctor someday. He even wrote it down in her baby book. Some kids get toys for their birthday, but Sarah got MCAT prep books. While it would be nearly 40 years before she went down the healthcare … ...


Massachusetts business owners were denied access to COVID relief because of the color of their skin

August 31, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard for small businesses everywhere. But when Massachusetts issued orders for “non-essential” businesses to close their doors, the owners of its small businesses could at least apply for a grant to help offset their losses. Or, more accurately, some of them could apply. Brian Dalton is a single father who has ...


EPA backs down from its outrageous claims against a Nebraska property owner

August 30, 2023 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

PLF clients Tom and Amy Villegas have reason to celebrate after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) backed down from its outrageous claim that the couple violated the Clean Water Act (CWA). An oasis in Nebraska Tom and Amy Villegas love the outdoors. While the couple calls Colorado home, they have a deep connection with the … ...