The Hill : EPA appeals board is unconstitutional without reform

January 13, 2020 | By MICHAEL POON

The idea that high government officials must be accountable to the people should be uncontroversial. Democratic accountability is a cardinal principle in a constitutional republic. Requiring government actors to be answerable to the people protects the public from arbitrary and tyrannical governance. In practice, this means significant government d ...


Fighting unconstitutional government bureaucracy

July 16, 2019 | By MICHAEL POON

Dennisa Moore of Mesquite, Texas, smoked for 35 years before she was able to quit with the help of vaporizers, devices that heat flavored liquids for inhaling without the harmful byproducts of combustion smoke. Encouraged by her own success, Dennisa launched Joosie Vapes, a small business that sells vaping products, and for several years, Dennisa ...