Is the University of Texas engaging in unconstitutional racial balancing?

September 21, 2015 | By RAYMOND NHAN

In Grutter v. Bollinger, the Supreme Court permitted the consideration of race in college admissions for a limited purpose of securing the benefits of a diverse student body. The Court reasoned that a diverse student body helps prepare students for “an increasingly diverse workforce and society, and better prepares them as professionals.&# ...


Can people without standing stop challenging school choice programs already?

October 01, 2015 | By RAYMOND NHAN

The ACLU is attempting to destroy school choice in Nevada. Passed in June, the Educational Savings Account law provides between $5,100-$5,700 a year for a child’s education-including transportation, technology, or home schooling. The ACLU’s suit, filed in late August, is just the most recent attempt by school choice opponents to preven ...


When free speech is silenced in middle school, it dies on college campuses

October 16, 2015 | By RAYMOND NHAN

Recently, an 8th grade student in Oregon was sent home from school and suspended for wearing a T-shirt displaying boots, a helmet, and a gun representing fallen soldiers with the text “Standing For Those Who Stood For Us.” The student, Alan Holmes, wore the shirt to honor his brother, a Marine who served in Iraq. Schools … ...


Lyft, Uber, and the sharing economy creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs

October 26, 2015 | By RAYMOND NHAN

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti promised in his State of the City address this past April that Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing companies would be allowed to pick up passengers at LAX by the summer. This promise drew thunderous applause from the audience. It’s now October…and passengers still cannot use these services. Unsurprisingly, ...


San Francisco voters side with liberty, but there is more work to do

November 04, 2015 | By RAYMOND NHAN

San Francisco citizens voted against Proposition F yesterday. If passed, the measure would have restricted short-term apartment rentals to 75 days a year. In particular, the measure would have been a huge impediment for companies like Airbnb, which helps consumers find and rent open rooms in homes and apartments. Airbnb, VRBO, and the like are a ...


Will discrimination stand in the way of children's education?

December 01, 2015 | By RAYMOND NHAN

PLF recently filed an amicus curiae brief in the United States Supreme Court in support of granting certiorari in Doyle v. Taxpayers for Public Education today. This is another case in which opponents of educational choice are attempting to stifle community efforts to ensure that all students can receive a quality learning experience. Here are th ...


Should Abigail Fisher's suit be mooted? (Answer : No.)

December 09, 2015 | By RAYMOND NHAN

The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Fisher v. University of Texas today. As our regular readers know by now, this case concerns the University of Texas’ (UT) use of race in composing its undergraduate class. While most of the oral argument focused on the merits of the case, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg asked a question about … ...


Ninth Circuit increases First Amendment protections for speech

January 11, 2016 | By RAYMOND NHAN

Last week, a panel of the Ninth Circuit court strengthened protections for commercial speech (speech that proposes a commercial transaction between the speaker and the reader) in Retail Digital Network v. Appelsmith (RDN). RDN is a middleman in the advertising industry. It installs Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) in retail stores for advertising ...


The Los Angeles Rams : a win for taxpayers and property rights?

January 19, 2016 | By RAYMOND NHAN

This morning the Federalist Society published my blog post regarding the recent announcement of the the St. Louis Rams moving to Los Angeles, their home for 49 years. In the post I discuss why taxpayer and property rights advocates should be excited about the move. … ...