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Author: Angela Erickson

April 02, 2021

Individual liberty, property rights, and conservation are intertwined

Lawmakers in Montana want to take away the right of certain nonprofits to purchase land through free market transactions, a move that would harm environmental conservation, rather than protect it. The bill's sponsor is trying to legislate the American Prairie Reserve out of existence by denying them basic private property rights. The American Prair ...

March 31, 2021

The Center Square: Let Kentucky thrive by removing unnecessary state laws that kill jobs

Co-authored by Raleigh Bruner, owner of Kentucky-based Wildcat Moving and The Wildcat Group, and former PLF client. A report from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce details how Kentucky's employment has made significant strides in bouncing back from last year's pandemic-driven drop. But we still have a long way to go to get back to pre-pandemic ...

February 01, 2021

Why competitor’s veto laws need to be ended for good

What do the following three people have in common? Raleigh Bruner is a Kentucky entrepreneur with an MBA who started advertising moving services on Craigslist, which led to him starting his own moving company. Ursula Newell-Davis of New Orleans is a social worker who wants to provide respite services to families with special needs children. ...

January 11, 2021

States are suspending Certificate of Need laws in the wake of COVID-19 but the damage might already be done

Updated on January 11, 2021 With the spread of COVID-19 pushing hospitals to full or near-full capacity in Florida, New York, Washington, and elsewhere, numerous states are reevaluating one policy that is meant to prevent the growth of health care services and facilities. Certificate of Need (CON) laws currently exist in 38 states across the ...

September 19, 2019

In 13 states, it’s legal for governments to steal your home equity

Editor’s note: In July 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in favor of Uri Rafaeli, preventing the government from foreclosing on private property for unpaid property taxes, and keeping all the proceeds. This is a major victory for property owners in Michigan and is an important step in ending Home Equity Theft nationwide. *** Uri ...

May 09, 2019

The Daily Caller: Making federal regulators accountable starts with fixing the FDA

Over the course of 17 years, the Food and Drug Administration issued 25 federal rules that each cost Americans potentially $100 million or more. That's the alarming finding of research I released this month through the Pacific Legal Foundation cataloging the lack of democratic accountability within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ...