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June 22, 2006

Welcome to The Eminent Domain Weblog

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Kelo v. New London, in which the Court declared that government may seize homes and businesses under eminent domain, and transfer the property to private developers to build shopping centers, restaurants, luxury condominiums, and other private projects—despite the fact that t ...

June 22, 2006

Montana: Initiative-154 Provides False Hopes Against Eminent Domain

Aeshna at NewWest Politics believes the state's eminent domain bill fails to protect property rights because it requires government to compensate property owners for decreasing the value of their property through land-use regulations. This is a strange argument, since such "regulatory takings" are just as much an interference with pro ...

June 22, 2006

Five New Reports About Eminent Domain After Kelo

Our friends at the Institute for Justice have just published four important new reports about eminent domain in the year since the Kelo decision: Opening the Floodgates: Eminent Domain Abuse in a Post-Kelo World Redevelopment Wrecks: 20 Failed Projects Involving Eminent Domain Abuse Myths and Realities of Eminent Domain Abuse Legislative Action Sin ...

June 22, 2006

Assembly Moves To Limit Eminent Domain

The Morris County (NJ) Daily Record has this report on the progress of reform in New Jersey. But the New Brunswick Home News Tribune thinks the bill does not go far enough. ...

June 22, 2006

Hollywood Loses Eminent Domain Fight

Hollywood Florida, that is. Broward Circuit Judge Ronald Rothschild has ruled that the city cannot seize the property of the Mach family and give it to a private developer who wanted to build condominiums on the property. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, California, city officials are going ahead with their plans to destroy the 60 year old ...

June 22, 2006

House Ready to Override Eminent Domain Bill Veto

The Illinois legislature appears ready to overrule the governor's veto of eminent domain reform. ...

June 22, 2006

Boynton Beach Drops Eminent Domain Plans

by Timothy Sandefur Great news out of Florida. The city of Boynton Beach has abandoned its plans to condemn 12 properties in Boynton Beach for purposes of private development. This case is close to my heart, because some years ago, when the Heart of Bonyton Plan was first being implemented, PLF sent an attorney to ...

June 23, 2006

One Year Later: Eminent Domain Abuse Skyrocketing

The North County (N.Y.) Gazette has this report about IJ's new report on eminent domain abuse. Excerpt: Consider this fact: in just the past year, more than 5,700 properties nationwide have been threatened by or taken with eminent domain for private development-a figure that compares with more than 10,000 examples over a five-year period preced ...

June 23, 2006

Bill Would Limit Eminent Domain

by Timothy Sandefur The East Valley (AZ) Tribune reports that the state Senate has approved a bill (HCR2002) which would limit authorities from condemning property they consider "blighted." Remember, Gov. Napolitano recently vetoed a bill that would have provided strong protections for private property rights in that state.) The new bill ...

June 23, 2006

Long Branch Wins Eminent Domain Suit

The Asbury Park (NJ) Press reports that Long Branch has won the first stage of a lawsuit to take the property of 24 people for redevelopment as upscale condominiums. Excerpt: Marine Terrace resident George McKenna wasn't aware the decision had been made by the judge and said he'd expected it sooner. "The decision was supposed ...