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Pacific Legal Foundation is only as good as the talent we employ. Knowing this, our hiring philosophy is simple: we seek to hire the best talent available.

We’re constantly and aggressively on the lookout for employees who embody our core values:

We are freedom fighters.

We are freedom fighters.

Liberty is our obsession—we live and breathe it. When it’s threatened, we act decisively to protect it.

We are relentless.

We are relentless.

Our pioneering spirit spurs us to take big, bold swings. We never rest on past success. Our eyes are aimed squarely on the future.

We elevate others.

We elevate others.

We trust and invest in our clients, allies, and each other. We believe that—together—we can change the world.

We are confident.

We are confident.

We know liberty will win.

If you’re passionate about one or more of our job opportunities, and you’re enthusiastic about working alongside colleagues who share these values, then we encourage you to apply to be a part of the PLF team.

Legal Policy & Center for the Separation of Powers Intern

You: An inquisitive, creative, and self-motivated college junior, senior, or recent graduate who knows the principles of liberty and seeks to advance them. You have strong written and oral communication skills and enjoy problem solving.

Them: Bureaucrats, city councils, mayors, governors, and federal agencies stripping Americans of their rights every day. There’s a lot of government overreach out there, and it’s backed by seemingly endless resources. But fortunately, like all lumbering giants, abusive government is most vulnerable when countered by individuals who act strategically and nimbly, take calculated risks, have each other’s backs, and are confident in and passionate for the cause—the very sort of swashbucklers we employ in spades here at PLF.

Us: We fight back. Pacific Legal Foundation is the nation’s first and most successful public interest law firm dedicated to vindicating individual liberty. PLF has an unmatched record in the United States Supreme Court, with 12 victories out of 14 cases heard by the Court. We also have more than a hundred active cases across the nation.

We are a next-generation public interest law firm. What does “next generation” mean for a legal nonprofit? It means we aren’t interested in doing the same thing as everyone else. We aspire to be the best player in a constantly changing game.

Here’s what you get to do in this role:

The Legal Policy & Center for the Separation of Powers Intern will work with PLF’s Legal Policy Department and Center for the Separation of Powers (CSP). Our legal policy team helps develop and execute strategies to secure state and federal legislative and executive reforms to expand individual liberty, and CSP seeks to end the unconstitutional regulatory state through academic engagement, public education, and strategic litigation. This internship provides an opportunity for a wide variety of experiences, including:

  • Reading and summarizing important legislation.
  • Developing briefing materials for use in meetings with executive and legislative branch officials.
  • Conducting policy research for reform efforts at the state or federal level.
  • Conducting other research for op-eds, podcasts, videos, and other projects to educate the public about the separation of powers.

General Information:                            

Pacific Legal Foundation identifies and litigates important legal issues to set landmark precedents that will benefit Americans nationwide. Using strategic and principled litigation, communications, and research, we battle for freedom in the nation’s courts and the court of public opinion.

As a national nonprofit organization, PLF has brick-and-mortar offices in Sacramento, CA; Arlington, VA; Seattle, WA, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, though approximately half of the staff work from home across the country. The Legal Policy Department and Center for the Separation of Powers both operate out of the Arlington, VA office.

To Apply:

We are accepting interns through the Charles Koch Institute’s Koch Internship Program. If you think you might be a good fit, submit an application through the online portal. The application, deadlines, program requirements, and more information are available here.


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