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Pacific Legal Foundation is only as good as the talent we employ. Knowing this, our hiring philosophy is simple: we seek to hire the best talent available.

We’re constantly and aggressively on the lookout for employees who embody our core values:

We are freedom fighters.

We are freedom fighters.

Liberty is our obsession—we live and breathe it. When it’s threatened, we act decisively to protect it.

We are relentless.

We are relentless.

Our pioneering spirit spurs us to take big, bold swings. We never rest on past success. Our eyes are aimed squarely on the future.

We elevate others.

We elevate others.

We trust and invest in our clients, allies, and each other. We believe that—together—we can change the world.

We are confident.

We are confident.

We know liberty will win.

If you’re passionate about one or more of our job opportunities, and you’re enthusiastic about working alongside colleagues who share these values, then we encourage you to apply to be a part of the PLF team.

Multimedia Producer

You: A producer. A producer is both a project’s artistic driver and its motor. You set the creative vision for a project and then realize it—dodging, dominating, and defusing any obstacles in your path. To that end, you are self-aware about your strengths and weaknesses and augment your talents with external contractors who can help you to make the best creative possible. You love to see ideas come to life.

Them: Bureaucrats, city councils, mayors, governors, and federal agencies stripping Americans of their rights every day. There’s a lot of government overreach out there.

Us: We fight back. Pacific Legal Foundation is the nation’s first and most successful public interest law firm dedicated to vindicating individual liberty.

PLF has an unmatched record, with 12 victories out of 14 cases heard by the United States Supreme Court. We also have more than a hundred active cases across the nation. (Read: we have more than 100 active human stories we can amplify.)

We are a next-generation public interest law firm. What does “next generation” mean for a legal nonprofit? It means we aren’t interested in doing the same thing as everyone else. We aspire to be the best player in a constantly changing game.

Here’s what you get to do in this role:

80% Content Production

  • Produce educational YouTube videos, from conception to completion, that capitalize on current events, pop culture, and Google search trends
  • Produce a biweekly podcast about the Supreme Court—including reviewing scripts, coordinating logistics, and overseeing recording
  • Direct photo shoots for PLF’s print and digital publications, ensuring every photo tells a story (travel not required)
  • Work with PLF’s creative director and manager on storytelling and scripting for all these projects
  • Oversee vendors providing the technical expertise and support for all the above projects
  • Support other members of the content team by participating in brainstorms and reviewing creative
  • Master PLF’s swashbuckling brand: Honorable, Daring, Smart, Irreverent

20% Distribution

  • Strategize video and podcast releases, coordinating between relevant colleagues who can provide SEO optimization, paid advertising, editorial and social media promotion, and events and screenings
  • Use responsible data management practices to store and share all assets in the cloud

This role is ideal for someone with at least three years of experience in a production or content marketing role. Technical skills aren’t required. Curiosity, humility, follow-through, and a commitment to excellence are a must—bonus points for a good sense of humor.


Pacific Legal Foundation identifies and litigates important legal issues to set landmark precedents that will benefit Americans nationwide. Using strategic and principled litigation, communications, and research, we battle for freedom in the nation’s courts and the court of public opinion.

As a national nonprofit organization, PLF has brick-and-mortar offices in Sacramento, CA; Arlington, VA; Seattle, WA; and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, though approximately half of the staff work from home across the country. You can work physically in any of our offices or request to work virtually.


If you think you might be a good fit, submit the following application materials in one PDF at the link below:

  • Your resume, including your experience in the liberty movement and relevant professional experience
  • A cover letter explaining why PLF is the place for you, why you want to fight for liberty, and what distinguishes you from typical applicants

This is a full-time, permanent position. PLF is committed to recruiting and retaining the highest-quality talent available nationwide, and we offer a total compensation package that includes a competitive salary, medical and dental insurance, and employer-paid retirement savings. We take work-life balance seriously through our generous paid leave and flextime policies. We have a flexible, collaborative, positive, and collegial work environment. We take pride in investing in your future and encourage internal advancement. PLF is the place for someone principled, tenacious, and determined to succeed in positively shaping the future of our country and restoring real limits on government power. Join us.

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