Connecticut’s Magnet School Lottery – What you can do

In 2017, the Hartford Courant reported that although the lottery seems neutral, it is rigged to create a quota system based on race.

  • To meet state requirements, magnet schools must limit Black and Hispanic students to 75% of total enrollment, and reserve the remaining 25% for whites and Asians.
  • The lottery favors suburban white and Asian students in order to meet the 25% minimum. If not enough whites and Asians sign up, then seats are left empty.
  • If a magnet school fails to meet the quota, it faces cuts in funding and even closure, as happened to New Haven’s Cortlandt V.R. Creed High School in May.

But Hartford families are standing up: LaShawn Robinson and six other families are suing the state of Connecticut to demand equal treatment in the magnet school lottery. A victory would end the lottery’s racial quota, opening up more seats for deserving Black and Hispanic students to receive a better education.

How you can help:

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