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By Deborah J. La Fetra

The constitutional right to speak for yourself

Public employees are a diverse group. Just as they don’t all look alike, neither do they think alike. Under union-backed “exclusive representation” laws, however, they must speak with a single … ›

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By Timothy R. Snowball

What’s the deal with the 9th Amendment?

Most of us are first introduced to the Bill of Rights in junior high or high school. Some of us go on to an in-depth study the amendments in college and … ›

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For $8.41 in Unpaid Taxes, the Government Took Uri Rafaeli’s House

Originally published by The Wall Street Journal, December 8, 2018. How Michigan misuses a procedure meant to target pirate ships and drug lords’ mansions. Uri Rafaeli is an 83-year-old engineer … ›

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