ALJ Decision denying petition of Quad Knopf

ALJ Decision Denying Pet of Quad Knopf 3-1499


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By Damien M. Schiff

Last brief filed in gray wolf listing challenge

Yesterday, we filed our final merits brief in California Cattlemen’s Association v California Fish & Game Commission, challenging the listing of the gray wolf as an endangered species under the California Endangered Species Act The brief re-emphasizes our three main arguments against the wolf’s listing First, the listing is improperly based on the presence within the state on a single wolf that is a member of a non-native Canadian subspecies of gray wolf That’s significant because, unlike the federal ESA (as well as the original California ESA of 1970), the current California ESA of 1984 protects only “native species or subspecies” Second, the listing is improperly based just

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By Jeffrey W. McCoy

PLF asks Supreme Court to hear permafrost case

Today, Pacific Legal Foundation filed a Petition asking the United States Supreme Court to hear a case about whether permafrost is a “navigable water.” In 1992, Congress directed the Army … ›

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By Ethan W. Blevins

Seattle “democracy vouchers” may head to state supreme court

Thomas Jefferson said, “to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical”

People use money to express themselves Resistance T-shirts, MAGA hats, donations to moveonorg, promoted tweets–whatever your views may be, shouting louder than the other guy will cost you So, what if government takes money from one person to pay for another person’s expression? Is that really any different from forcing a Democrat to don a MAGA hat, or a Tar Heels fan to wear a Blue Devils jersey? (Full disclosure: I’m a Duke

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