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Wen Fa


Wen Fa is an attorney at PLF’s national headquarters. He has litigated numerous direct-rep cases dealing with private property, equality under the law, school choice, economic liberty, and the First … ›

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Meriem L. Hubbard

Senior Attorney

Meriem Hubbard has been an attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation since January 2000.  She litigates cases involving property rights, public finance issues, and preferences in government hiring, contracting, and education. … ›

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By Deborah J. La Fetra

Weekly litigation report

Environmental Law: ESA abuse

Yesterday, we filed an administrative petition demanding that the US Department of Fish and Wildlife repeal a regulation that imposes harsh Endangered Species Act restrictions on as many as 150 threatened species that Congress did not intend to be automatically covered The regulation subjects ranchers and farmers in the Pacific Northwest, along with citizens across the Country, to the possibility of massive fines and even jail time for land use activities that Congress has deemed legal PLF represents itself and the Washington Cattlemen’s Association  Jonathan Wood explains it all, and our video features the ranchers and farmers who are the stewards

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President's weekly report — March 8, 2012

Environment and Property Rights — WetlandsFrankie and Peter Smith with PLF CPIL Jennifer Fry banner

In response to our lawsuit, the Army Corps of Engineers withdrew its wetlands jurisdictional determination in Smith v United States Army Corps of Engineers  The Smiths were thanked by the Corps for all the work they did clearing trash and dead trees out of a dry arroyo in New Mexico with a jurisdictional determination explaining to the Smiths that their bone dry arroyo — 25 miles from the Rio Grande — was a wetland and that their work was illegal because they didn’t have a permit

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