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Damien M. Schiff

Senior Attorney

Currently a Senior Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation, Damien joined PLF in 2005.  His practice has focused on federal and state environmental and land-use issues.  Damien was counsel of record … ›

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Jonathan Wood


Jonathan Wood is an attorney at PLF’s DC Center, where he litigates environmental, property rights, and constitutional cases. He is passionate about finding constitutional, effective, and fair solutions to environmental … ›

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By Joshua P. Thompson

Weekly litigation report — July 23, 2016

The fight for Edmund Lee goes to the appellate court

This week PLF filed its notice of appeal in EL v Interdistrict Choice Corporation  Last Friday, the district court dismissed Edmund’s case, holding that he lacked standing to bring his claim, and that the race-based transfer program is immune from challenge in federal court As Edmund’s mother, La’Shieka White, explains in this interview with ABC in St Louis, she and PLF are prepared to take this case to the Supreme Court if necessary (more…)

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Federal supremacy protects miners' rights

PLF and Western Mining Alliance have filed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit case Bohmker v Oregon In the brief, we argue that federal mining policy preempts Oregon’s ban on a federally-approved and encouraged mining practice

Dredge_diagramPart of having a federalist system of government is deciding which level of government gets final say when federal and state laws conflict over shared subject matter The Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution establishes an easy-to-apply tie-breaker: the federal government wins Although fans of individual liberty are probably well-past tired of hearing that phrase, the Supremacy Clause serves an essential

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