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Jonathan Wood is an attorney at PLF’s DC Center, where he litigates environmental, property rights, and constitutional cases. He is passionate about finding constitutional, effective, and fair solutions to environmental … ›

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Kaycee Royer graduated from the University of Idaho with an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Economics. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Kaycee attended the University of Idaho’s College of Law obtaining … ›

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By Jonathan Wood

PLF sends dilatory Service notice of a lawsuit threequel

What does it take to get the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to follow the law? For the citizens of Bonner County, Idaho, and members of the Idaho State Snowmobile Association, the answer is AT LEAST one petition, two formal comment letters, and three federal lawsuits. That’s ridiculous!

This past Friday, on behalf of Bonner County and ISSA, PLF sent a 60-day notice of our intent to sue the Service for failing to reach a final determination on its May 2014 proposal to remove the Southern Selkirk Mountains population of caribou from the Endangered Species List. The Endangered Species Act requires the Service to issue a final rule on a proposal within one year. The Service is over two years late meeting that obligation.

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By James S. Burling

Weekly litigation report — June 10, 2017

  • Letter sent to school board in Florida on First Amendment violation
  • Brief filed over EPA’s road ban
  • Butter ban ruling sought
  • California union-inspired anti-free speech rule appealed
  • Free enterprise loses in Oregon
  • Golden parakeet feathers to fly!
  • Caribou decision years behind schedule
  • Victory for Wildlife Sanctuary’s Due Process Rights

Letter sent to school board in Florida on First Amendment violation

On behalf of our clients JP Krause and his mother, Angela Krause, we submitted this letter to the Superintendent and School Board of Indian River County regarding the Vero Beach High School principal’s decision to disqualify JP from the senior class presidency election After JP won the vote, the

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By Jonathan Wood

PLF comments on caribou critical habitat

This week, PLF filed comments, joined by Bonner County, Idaho and the Idaho State Snowmobile Association (ISSA), on the Service’s proposed critical habitat designation for the woodland caribou The comment argues that the Service must address changes in the species’ status, which were brought about by a PLF petition challenging the earlier, illegal listing (more…)

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