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David (Dave) Breemer developed a passion for liberty while reading classics such as John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and Thomas Paine’s The Rights of Man, as he pursued a … ›

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President's weekly report — September 13, 2013

Individual Rights — Health Care

The court has established a briefing schedule in Sissel v United States Department of Health & Human Services,  our Obamacare litigation where we are challenging the tax as a violation of the Origination Clause of the constitution  The drafters of the constitution didn’t think it was a good idea for the Senate to draft revenue bills and neither do we  Our opening brief is due October 24th  And as noted elsewhere in our blog, this case is getting noticed in the mainstream press

Property Rights — Low Income Housing Exactions and Inclusionary “zoning”

The California Supreme Court accepted review in California Building Industry Association v

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President's weekly report — February 1, 2013

Individual Rights — Defending the right to petition our government

Hollingsworth v Perry in the US Supreme Court We addressed the question whether sponsors of initiatives have standing to defend those initiatives in court — especially when a state’s attorney general refuses to defend the measure PLF’s amicus brief, filed on our behalf as well as various sponsors of other successful California initiatives that have limited taxes and banned state-sponsored discrimination, argues that sponsors of voter-adopted initiatives have standing to defend those laws


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By J. David Breemer

Another win on the beach for Texas property owners

Today, the Texas Supreme Court handed down a short but sweet victory for Texas property owners who had their land and beach homes taken for use as a public beach, without compensation, by the State of Texas and Village of Surfside

The case arises from a long running dispute in Surfside, Texas, a small, but popular coastal area At the center of the case are a row of beachfront homes that were lawfully built in the 1960 and 1970s After a 1998 tropical storm moved the vegetation line landward of these homes, the State informed the homeowners that, based on its now illegal policy of considering the public beach to extend inland to

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