California Cattlemen’s Association v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Documents 1-31-17



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Oliver J. Dunford


Oliver Dunford joined PLF’s office in Sacramento in March 2017. He litigates across the country to defend and advance individual liberty and the rule of law. Oliver’s cases involve the … ›

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Jonathan Wood


Jonathan Wood is an attorney at PLF’s DC Center, where he litigates environmental, property rights, and constitutional cases. He is passionate about finding constitutional, effective, and fair solutions to environmental … ›

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Kaycee Royer


Kaycee Royer graduated from the University of Idaho with an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Economics. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Kaycee attended the University of Idaho’s College of Law obtaining … ›

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By James S. Burling

Weekly litigation report — June 2, 2018

Happiness is a burger on a warm bun, a cold draft beer and freedom of speech Courts shouldn’t look the other way when federal agencies seize power Congress never gave them … ›

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By James S. Burling

Weekly litigation update — August 12, 2017

  • Wheat farming goes on trial Tuesday
  • EPA defends its actions in response brief filed with Sixth Circuit
  • Critical habitat for frogs and a toad challenged
  • Amicus brief filed in Indian “reserved” groundwater dispute
  • Petition for rehearing denied in Utah prairie dog case
  • Pennsylvania school boards may flout the law
  • Siskiyou County appeal on public trust doctrine and groundwater use
  • California Supreme Court denies rehearing in our seawall challenge
  • Procedural win in challenge to state’s failure to review its species listings

Wheat farming goes on trial Tuesday

Image result for sacramento federal courthouse On Tuesday John Duarte goes to trial in this

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By M. Reed Hopper

PLF sues U.S Fish and Wildlife to protect small businesses

There appears to be a universal recognition that small business is the lifeblood of our economy and a necessary component of our way of life:

Economic freedom is the foundation for individual success and prosperity This freedom is evident in the entrepreneurial small business sector, which creates most of the new jobs and a large share of the innovations in the American economy When government takes small businesses into consideration in developing regulations, it saves time and money and supports the growth of the nation’s most productive sector

-Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy

This recognition has precipitated a number of presidential executive orders calling for regulatory reduction on small businesses and

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