Citizens for Fair REU Rates v. City of Redding, California Documents 8-19-15

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Meriem Hubbard has been an attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation since January 2000.  She litigates cases involving property rights, public finance issues, and preferences in government hiring, contracting, and education. … ›

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California Supreme Court to scrutinize city’s money grab

Are you paying hidden taxes through your electric utility bill?  The residents of Redding are, and a lawsuit to stop it has reached the California Supreme Court  PLF attorneys filed a brief last week challenging those taxes in Citizens for Fair REU Rates v Redding

When the Redding City Council approved the city’s budgets for fiscal years 2009 and 2010, it also approved the yearly transfer of money from its municipally owned electric utility to the city’s general fund in an amount equal to 1% of the utility’s assets  That’s about $6 million dollars in FY 2009-10 and another $6 million dollars in FY 2010-2011  After being warned

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President's weekly report — August 21, 2015

Stealing homes from the elderly in the District of Columbia

Can the government take a person’s home to pay a $133 debt without paying the homeowner a penny? A case pending before a federal district court, Coleman v District of Columbia, asks just that question Benjamin Coleman, an elderly veteran suffering from dementia, owned a house in Northeast Washington, DC that he’d bought with cash two decades ago  To make a long story short, as a result of his dementia  he got behind on his tax payments of $134  Penalties accrued and the City put a lien on the house, which is sold to an investment company  The company then

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