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Jeremy Talcott


Jeremy Talcott joined the Pacific Legal Foundation in 2016. He focuses on property rights, administrative law, and the separation of powers and federalism principles that (ought to) define American government. … ›

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Damien M. Schiff

Senior Attorney

Currently a Senior Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation, Damien joined PLF in 2005.  His practice has focused on federal and state environmental and land-use issues.  Damien was counsel of record … ›

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Joshua P. Thompson

Senior Attorney

Joshua Thompson joined Pacific Legal Foundation in August 2007. He primarily litigates cases involving equality under the law, economic liberty, school choice, and coastal land rights. Joshua was raised in … ›

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Case Commentary

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By David J. Deerson

PLF weighs in on proposed amendments to Marin County’s Local Coastal Program

Yesterday, PLF submitted the latest  in a series of public comment letters regarding amendments to the Local Coastal Program in Marin County, CA. Local governments situated on California’s coast may prepare … ›

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By James S. Burling

Weekly litigation report — July 15, 2017

  • PLF asks Supreme Court to protect plaintiffs’ right to raise takings claims in federal courts when government steals
  • Complaint filed against Marin County forced farming law
  • Mandatory housing shakedown fees before the Supreme Court
  • Getting union tentacles out of worker paychecks
  • Phantom frogs and critical regulations
  • PLF files appeal to guarantee public access to public forest
  • Reply Brief filed in PIE, LLC v DeSoto County, a Florida takings case
  • Regional plan upheld against vague greenhouse gas challenge
  • Farmer asks Ninth Circuit to delay trial

PLF asks Supreme Court to protect plaintiffs’ right to raise takings claims in federal courts when government steals

When PLF client Wayside Church fell behind on its

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By Jeremy Talcott

PLF files lawsuit against Marin County’s forced farming requirement

Aerial view of Mr Benedetti’s Marin County farm

Today Willie Benedetti filed his challenge to Marin County’s new Land Use Plan requirement that landowners remain “actively and directly engaged” in agriculture The complaint asks the superior court in Marin County to declare the requirement facially unconstitutional

The County’s new Land Use Plan requires landowners within the agricultural zone promise to remain “actively and directly engaged in agricultural use” of their property as a condition on building new agricultural dwellings For Willie Benedetti, this means a choice between working forever, or retiring and giving up his property


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