Hill v. Service Employees International Union Documents 7-1-17

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Deborah J. La Fetra

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Debbie grew up in an economically-striving lower-middle class family and was the first to get a college degree. Watching and learning from her exceptionally hard-working father, and with the support … ›

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By Deborah J. La Fetra

Liberating workers from compulsory unionism

The very powerful public employee unions in Illinois have long relied on their favored status to garnish wages of workers and “represent” them in politically-fraught negotiations over collective bargaining agreements with the state The unions’ power is so great that state laws allow them to steal wages and purport to speak for workers who are not union members How is this possible? The primary culprit is a 1977 Supreme Court decision called Abood v Detroit Board of Education, which rejected a First Amendment challenge to this forced association with the unions and permits public-employee unions to garnish wages

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