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By James S. Burling

Weekly litigation report — December 15, 2018

Public land stewards reiterate that the President can reduce the size of national monuments

Briefing is now complete on the motion to dismiss Utah Diné Bikéyah v Trump, a case that challenges the President’s ability to reduce the size of national monuments PLF represents individuals and non-profit organizations that recreate, work, and volunteer on the public lands in Utah who were harmed when the Bears Ears National Monument was established This week, PLF filed another brief explaining the one president cannot bind future presidents when he establishes a national monument We are asking the court to dismiss the case A decision on the motion to dismiss is expected in

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By Anthony L. Francois

Joe Robertson’s case draws friends at Supreme Court

This week six friend of the court briefs were filed asking the Supreme Court to hear Joe Robertson‘s Clean Water Act case. This is a very good showing for Joe’s … ›

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By Timothy R. Snowball

OMG…California moves to tax text messages!

Just when we thought California’s government could not get any more dumb. In addition to being known for some of America’s finest cities (I see you San Diego!), incredible beaches … ›

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