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By Mollie Williams

PLF supports en banc rehearing of Ninth Circuit ruling in compelled disclosure law challenge

We filed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit supporting en banc rehearing in the case of Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Becerra. We argue that the panel’s decision to … ›

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By Chris Kieser

PLF Urges Supreme Court to Review Hawaii Takings Case

In an attempt to preserve undeveloped beachfront land in Maui, Maui County planned to purchase nine parcels to create a park But the County ran into a predictable problem; beachfront lots in Maui don’t come cheap As a result, seven of the parcels ended up in the hands of private landowners So the County achieved its goal through regulation; the lots were made subject to a “community plan” designating them as “park” Although the lots were zoned “hotel-multifamily,” the “park” designation meant that obtaining a development permit would prove extraordinarily difficult

Douglas and Patricia Leone purchased one of the lots in 2000 for $37 million Although some owners of the

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By Damien M. Schiff

Is It a “Species” or a “Subspecies”? We Need Consistency.

Late last year, PLF submitted a petition for rule-making to the Interior and Commerce Departments (and their delegate agencies the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries … ›

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