Lynch v. California Coastal Commission Documents 11-6-14

AC Brief of California Association of Realtors in Support of Review


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Jeremy Talcott


Jeremy Talcott joined the Pacific Legal Foundation in 2016. He focuses on property rights, administrative law, and the separation of powers and federalism principles that (ought to) define American government. … ›

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John M. Groen

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

John Groen has extensive experience in public interest litigation before all levels of federal and state courts.  He began his law career with Pacific Legal Foundation in 1987 and launched … ›

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By Jeremy Talcott

Homeowners in Lynch file petition for rehearing in California Supreme Court

Today, Thomas Frick and the heirs of Barbara Lynch filed this petition, asking the California Supreme Court to grant rehearing in Lynch v. California Coastal Commission. In that decision, the Court held … ›

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By Larry G. Salzman

California Supreme Court deals blow to coastal property owners

In a disappointing blow to property rights this morning, the California Supreme Court ruled against Encinitas, California homeowners who had raised a constitutional challenge to conditions imposed on their seawall-construction permit by the California Coastal Commission

PLF represented Thomas Frick and the heirs of Barbara Lynch pro bono, in Lynch v California Coastal Commission (more…)

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By Jeremy Talcott

Oral Argument in Lynch v. California Coastal Commission

PLF Attorney John Groen with clients Jennifer Lynch and Marian Frick

Today, PLF attorney John Groen argued our seawall condition case, Lynch v California Coastal Commission, in front of the California Supreme Court

The CA Supreme Court keeps an archive of oral argument webcasts, which will be available at this location

Both sides were given tough questions by the justices, and it is always impossible to know exactly where the court stands, but the clear focus of the oral arguments was the threshold issue of whether or not the homeowners “waived” their right to judicial review of their

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