National Restaurant Association v. Department of Labor Documents 2-1-17

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Ethan W. Blevins


Ethan Blevins joined PLF’s Pacific Northwest office in August 2014. He litigates cases involving the First Amendment, property rights, school choice, and the separation of powers. Ethan began his trek … ›

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James S. Burling

Vice President for Litigation

Before becoming an attorney, James had been a productive member of society working as an exploration geologist in the late 1970s throughout the southwestern United States. However, after several years … ›

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By Ethan W. Blevins

Bureaucratic overreach and the separation of powers

Can federal agencies make up whatever policies they like unless Congress tells them not to? PLF answered an emphatic “no” in an amicus brief filed today to support a petition to the Supreme Court In National Restaurant Assocation v Department of Labor, courts allowed the Department to expand its power beyond limits set by Congress This concentration of power into one branch of government threatens the basic liberty sheltered by the Constitution’s checks and balances (more…)

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