P.I.E., LLC v. DeSoto County Documents 3-20-17

Initial Brief on Merits


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Mark Miller

Senior Attorney

Mark Miller is a PLF Senior Attorney and manages PLF’s Florida office in Palm Beach Gardens. Mark’s work on behalf of property rights, the First Amendment, and our other constitutional … ›

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James S. Burling

Vice President for Litigation

Before becoming an attorney, James had been a productive member of society working as an exploration geologist in the late 1970s throughout the southwestern United States. However, after several years … ›

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When Will Florida Courts Start Protecting Property Rights?

Ten years ago, Florida’s DeSoto County put out the red carpet for Tom Finney, owner of an excavation business

County staff invited him to buy a million-dollar piece of property in the county to use and support his family business County commissioners then pulled that rug out from under him, vetoing his plan for the property only after he purchased it, destroying his family business along their merry way

Now, he drives a truck for a living Good work to be sure, but not what he planned before DeSoto County had its way with him

Florida law requires that the courts right this wrong, and Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeal in

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By Mark Miller

Making takings law great again in Florida

DeSoto County Courthouse in southern Florida

The Florida Legislature expects the courts of this bonny state to protect property rights But the courts have not gotten the message Time after time, the courts of the state fail to protect the property rights of Florida land owners The latest example of that failure arose in a case called PIE, LLC v DeSoto County Today Pacific Legal Foundation filed its reply brief with Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal to right this wrong

When the Florida Legislature enacted the Bert J Harris,

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By Mark Miller

DeSoto County takes bite of P.I.E.; P.I.E. bites back

I was told this was a Florida property regulator

When the Florida Legislature enacted the Bert J Harris, Jr, Private Property Rights Protection Act, it explained that the law provided a remedy to landowners unfairly affected by government regulation on their property The law says:

When a specific action of a governmental entity has inordinately burdened an existing use of real property or a vested right to a specific use of real property, the property owner of that real property is entitled to relief, which may include compensation for the actual loss to the fair market

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