Siena Corporation v. Mayor and City Council of Rockville, Maryland Documents 9-14-16

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Anastasia P. Boden


Anastasia Boden is an attorney in PLF’s Economic Liberty Project, where she challenges anti-competitive licensing laws and laws that restrict freedom of speech. Anastasia’s practice largely consists of representing entrepreneurs … ›

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Joshua P. Thompson

Senior Attorney

Joshua Thompson joined Pacific Legal Foundation in August 2007. He primarily litigates cases involving equality under the law, economic liberty, school choice, and coastal land rights. Joshua was raised in … ›

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By James S. Burling

Weekly litigation update — September 17, 2016

  • First Amendment challenge to ban on automobile “For Sale” signs
  • EEOC gets a haircut
  • Petition for rehearing denied in Florida takings case
  • Amicus brief filed in support of right to earn a living

First Amendment challenge to ban on automobile “For Sale” signs

We filed this complaint in Cefali v San Juan Capistrano, challenging that town’s ban on automobile “For Sale” signs When law student Michael Cefali tried to sell his Volkswagen by parking it front of his home with a “For Sale” sign, he didn’t receive an offer; instead he received a $50 ticket Michael had the good fortune, however, of being a student in PLF’s Read more


By Anastasia P. Boden

Courts should care about your right to earn a living

Though the rights to free speech and bear arms get all the press, the right to earn a living might be the most fundamental right of all  The Fourteenth Amendment protects that right—allowing all of us the opportunity to provide for our families by pursuing a lawful vocation  There was no better advocate for that right than Frederick Douglass, who passionately described the realization of economic liberty:

“To understand the emotion which swelled in my heart as I clasped this money, realizing that I had no master who could take it from me—that it was mine—that my hands were my own, and could earn more of the precious

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