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Anastasia P. Boden


Anastasia Boden is an attorney in PLF’s Economic Liberty Project, where she challenges anti-competitive licensing laws and laws that restrict freedom of speech. Anastasia’s practice largely consists of representing entrepreneurs … ›

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Oliver J. Dunford


Oliver Dunford joined PLF’s office in Sacramento in March 2017. He litigates across the country to defend and advance individual liberty and the rule of law. Oliver’s cases involve the … ›

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Joshua P. Thompson

Senior Attorney

Joshua Thompson joined Pacific Legal Foundation in August 2007. He primarily litigates cases involving equality under the law, economic liberty, school choice, and coastal land rights. Joshua was raised in … ›

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Case Commentary

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A victory for common sense in California

California has now rescinded the state’s onerous “certificate of authenticity” requirement for the sale of autographed books. Hear directly from Bill and case attorney Anastasia Boden about the impact of this victory for freedom, common sense, and Bill’s right to be an upstanding small business owner.

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By Anastasia P. Boden

Governor signs bill making book signings legal again

Bibliophiles and liberty lovers, rejoice! Governor Brown signed a bill that exempts books from California’s draconian autograph law.

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By Joshua P. Thompson

California Legislature to consider two bills that repeal the unconstitutional autograph law

Back in May, Pacific Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of Book Passage and Bill Petrocelli The lawsuit challenged a newly-enacted law that made the sale of autographed books unconscionably difficult As we explained at the time, the statute was ostensibly adopted to protect individuals from fraud when they purchase sports or entertainment memorabilia  But the statute cut way too far, and threatened individuals like Mr Petrocelli with ruinous fines if he continued to hold book signing events As a result, the law plainly violated the First Amendment, and we sought to get it declared unconstitutional Read more