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Violet Dock Port PLF amicus on cert


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By Daniel M. Ortner

Grassroots political participation under attack in Utah

While I was studying law at Brigham Young University, I attended my first Utah Republican Party precinct caucus – essentially a community meeting I had not planned to run for a leadership position, but a politically engaged friend who also attended the caucus suggested that I run for Precinct Chair I was selected for the position and my friend was selected as Vice Chair As caucus chairs we were responsible for attending county and state-wide Republican Party conventions and voting as delegates for party nominees

Having grown up in Florida, a massive state with a far less cohesive party structure, I did not know what to expect Soon, I found

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By James S. Burling

Weekly litigation report: Navigable wetlands, water rights, and more

PLF asks Supreme Court to take up wetlands enforcement case This Wednesday we filed a cert. petition in the Supreme Court in Robertson v. United States. Joe Robertson is appealing … ›

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By Anthony L. Francois

How to find out if the EPA’s ‘navigable waters’ regulations affect you

In light of Joe Robertson’s appeal of his Clean Water Act conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court, readers might be wondering if any foot-wide ditches on their property are also … ›

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