Families Harmed by Schools’ Race-Based Quotas in Connecticut

Was your child denied admissions to a magnet school in Connecticut because they are Black or Hispanic? If you answered yes, your child’s civil rights have been violated and we can help.

We are a nonprofit law firm representing seven Hispanic and Black families, including the family of LaShawn Robinson. Our clients’ children were shut out of these schools because the state forces them to reserve a certain number of classroom seats for white and Asian children only. But our clients have not given up. They are standing together to challenge this discriminatory policy.

But there are thousands more Hispanic and Black children who are denied admission every year in Connecticut.

If your child is one of them, our attorneys want to hear your story. Please call (916) 419-7111 or complete the form below. We will keep your story confidential.

Fight back and win with PLF

What is the policy we are challenging?

Connecticut’s racial quota—administered through a lottery—keeps seats empty in excellent schools, rather than admitting Black or Hispanic children.

Like many laws, this quota may have started with good intentions—to desegregate schools. And many of Connecticut’s other desegregation policies have been successful. But it’s absurd to deny Black and Hispanic children the opportunity to attend good schools, and leave seats empty when too few white students enroll to meet the quota of 25 percent

The ACLU and NAACP claim this quota is important for continuing the legacy of desegregation. We disagree: what matters most is greater educational opportunities for more Black and Hispanic children, who have been left behind for decades.

We are confident that we stand on the side of justice, that we stand on the side of the Constitution, and that we will prevail.

What do we believe in?

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