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Issue: Procedural Guarantees

The Constitution establishes a separation of powers and express guarantees of due process. The fight for liberty is often a matter of ensuring that those who govern us do not exceed their constitutionally limited authority when enacting and enforcing the law.

At PLF, we: fight to end the modern administrative state, including limiting judicial deference to legislative and administrative judgments; restore separation of powers against improper delegation of authority to bureaucrats; define the limited scope of federal power under the Commerce Clause; revive the doctrine of enumerated powers; and ensure due process of law.


In Northeast Canyons monument case, will President Trump follow the Secretary of Interior’s recommendation to lift illegal fishing prohibitions or will he defend his predecessor’s Antiquities Act abuse?

The wheels of justice grind slowly. And sometimes they come to a complete halt. That’s what happened over the past year to fishermen challenging the illegal designation of a 5,000 … ›

Press Release

Knick v. Scott Township, Pennsylvania

‘Graveyard law’ heads to U.S. Supreme Court

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Robinson v. Wentzell

Mark Miller to speak at LSU Law

  The LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center, a/k/a LSU Law, and its student chapter of the Federalist Society, will host PLF Senior Attorney Mark Miller as a speaker on … ›


Nemhauser v. City of Mount Dora

City of Mount Dora fines family, calling an artistic mural an “unpermitted sign”

Mount Dora’s application of the sign code raises significant constitutional issues of free speech, due process, and equal protection.


Cascadia Wildlands v. Scott Timber Company

Supreme Court should grant cert in timber sale appeal

PLF has filed an amicus brief in support of Scott Timber and the Union, and urged the Supreme Court to take up this case.


Bears Ears National Monument Litigation

The costs (and lack of benefits) of designating a national monument

PLF has joined with Utahns to defend the reduction in the Bears Ears Monument.


T.H. v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Unending tort liability for innovators

The California Supreme Court issued a 4-3 decision in T.H. v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. In doing so, the Court went further than it has ever gone before in applying the tort of negligent misrepresentation.


PLF announces appeal to illegal jaguar rule

The designation of critical habitat for jaguar in New Mexico unnecessarily ties thousands of acres of land in red tape. The rule makes it harder for ranchers to get grazing permits, build corrals, stock ponds, or additional fences.

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