Pacific Legal Foundation is only as good as the talent we employ. Knowing this, our hiring philosophy is simple: we seek to hire the best talent available.

We’re constantly and aggressively on the lookout for employees who live and breathe our core values:

  • Positive and Optimistic: We seek positive change, confident that the principles of individualism and liberty will prevail over time.  We work in a spirit of goodwill.
  • Strategic: We create opportunities and plan each new case and initiative with our objectives in mind.
  • Collaborative: We work together within the organization and seek cooperation with others who share our goals.
  • Principled: We act consistently with our belief that individual liberty is the key to the pursuit of happiness and a thriving society.
  • Determined: We forge ahead knowing that energy and persistence are necessary to succeed.
  • Committed to Excellence: We strive to produce the highest caliber work in all we do.
  • Just: We treat everyone with respect and fairness.

If you’re passionate about one or more of our job opportunities, and you’re enthusiastic about working alongside colleagues who share these values, then we encourage you to apply to be a part of the PLF team.

Constitutional Litigation Attorneys

Pacific Legal Foundation—the nation’s first and most successful public interest law firm dedicated to vindicating individual liberty—is hiring entry-level attorneys to join our national legal team. PLF encourages applications from recent law school graduates with a demonstrated interest in strategic litigation.

Our attorneys identify and litigate important legal issues to set landmark precedents that will benefit Americans nationwide. Using strategic and principled litigation, communications, and research, we battle for freedom in the nation’s courts and the court of public opinion. Our attorneys have won 11 cases out of 13 heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, with 2 more cases pending—a record unmatched by anyone in the liberty movement.

New attorneys at PLF are given opportunities to draft briefs, argue cases in both federal and state courts, participate in discovery, and engage in outreach and communication to the public by writing op-eds, giving speeches, and more.

PLF litigates cases in five areas of expertise:

  • Property Rights | The right to acquire and use property without undue government interference.
  • Economic Liberty | The right to earn an honest living and make free economic choices.
  • Equality Before the Law | Equal protection, regardless of sex, race, creed, color, or other differences.
  • Free Speech and Association | The right to freely associate and express yourself in speech and thought.
  • Separation of Powers | The structural protections of our Constitution, which safeguard all our individual rights.

Full-time opportunities are available in any of PLF’s four offices: Sacramento, California; Bellevue, Washington; Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; and Arlington, Virginia.

Starting salary is $72,500, plus medical, dental, and vision benefits, participation in a 403(b) savings plan, and insurance coverage. Ambitious and successful attorneys can expect significant salary increases over time.

Applicants must submit a resume and personal statement. The resume should include your GPA, class rank (if not given, please indicate), journal and moot court affiliations, and participation in any other law school organizations. The personal statement should explain why PLF is the place for you, why you want to fight for liberty, your interest in PLF’s issues and cases, and what distinguishes you from typical applicants.

Applications are reviewed as they are received. Please send to Ms. Tawnda Elling, Hiring Secretary, at

The Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to policies to achieve equitable hiring, assignment, and promotion practices. The Foundation encourages applications from all individuals interested in working to promote the principles of property rights, personal liberties, and constitutionally limited government.