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Blog > Law students: Koch Fellows deadlines approaching

Law students: Koch Fellows deadlines approaching

November 02, 2011 I By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

If you’re a law student interested in a summer clerkship at PLF (or any of our allied organizations) make sure you don’t miss the December 1 deadline for the Koch Summer Fellows Program. This program, operated by the Institute for Humane Studies, is a fantastic opportunity for college and law school students—not to mention very helpful to us in our search for the rising generation of public interest litigators. Koch Fellows receive a stipend and participate in fascinating classes on public policy, law, philosophy, history, economics—and get to help PLF attorneys in actual cases to defend the Constitution and promote individual liberty. Koch Fellows are strongly preferred in our consideration of clerkship applications. But IHS’ deadline for early applications is December 1 (and their  final deadline is Jan. 31), so don’t miss out! Remember when you apply to mention that you’d like to clerk at Pacific Legal Foundation.

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