June 29, 2016

Major Property Rights Battle Continues In Palo Alto

By Major Property Rights Battle Continues In Palo Alto

PLF Director of Communications Harold Johnson interviews PLF attorney and Director of the Liberty Clinic project, Larry Salzman, about their case titled Jisser v. City of Palo Alto. The Jisser family would like to get out of the mobile home park business in Palo Alto as they look forward to retirement, but the City demands that they pay millions of dollars in “mitigation” payments to their tenants as a condition of receiving a permit to close the park.

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Jisser v. City of Palo Alto, California

The Jisser family owns the last mobile home park in super-expensive Palo Alto, California. They wanted to retire, leave the business entirely and close down the park, but the city demanded that the Jissers pay $8 million to the tenants to obtain the required permit. Representing the Jissers, PLF sued on the ground that the city’s demand was nothing more than extortion prohibited by the Fifth Amendment. A federal district court judge dismissed the case because he erroneously believed that the Jissers had to pursue state court remedies first. While the appeal was pending, the city agreed to give up the fight and purchase the mobile home park itself. The appeal is stayed pending resolution of the settlement.

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