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Blog > Mayan goddess brings cool temperatures to global warming conference?

Mayan goddess brings cool temperatures to global warming conference?


Author: Luke A. Wake

Over 200 countries have gathered in Cancun to discuss  possible solutions to the problem of global warming. Ironically, participants at the global warming conference are experiencing record low-tempatures in Mexico.

On a more bizarre note, the Executive Secretary to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, asked a Mayan goddess to "inspire" the participants in her opening statement to the delegates. As odd as her appeal may sound, it isn't particularly out of the ordinary. As she demonstrates, the extremist environmental movement, as rational as it conceives itself to be, is often making inexplicable appeals to mysticism. A more subtle example is presented when environmentalists refer to "Mother Nature," and "Gaia," as if nature was an entity deserving of some special religious-like devotion and adoration. My colleague, Tim Sandefur, alluded to this point last week in a blog post, in which he explained the philosophical underpinnings of the modern environmental movement.

Perhaps next Figueres will pronounce that the Mayan goddess answered her prayer by bringing cool temperatures to the conference.

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