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Hollywood Loses Eminent Domain Fight

Hollywood Florida, that is Broward Circuit Judge Ronald Rothschild has ruled that the city cannot seize the property of the Mach family and give it to a private developer who wanted to build condominiums on the property

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, California, city officials are going ahead with their plans to destroy the 60 year old Bernard Luggage Store to make way for a luxury hotel

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Assembly Moves To Limit Eminent Domain

The Morris County (NJ) Daily Record has this report on the progress of reform in New Jersey But the New Brunswick Home News Tribune thinks the bill does not go far enough

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Montana: Initiative-154 Provides False Hopes Against Eminent Domain

Aeshna at NewWest Politics believes the state's eminent domain bill fails to protect property rights because it requires government to compensate property owners for decreasing the value of their property through land-use regulations This is a strange argument, since such "regulatory takings" are just as much an interference with property rights as outright seizure For more on this issue, see my recent Goldwater Institute report, Playing the Takings Game: How Government Regulates Away Property Rights

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Rally Against Eminent Domain Abuse!

The Castle Coalition and allied groups are sponsoring a series of rallies against eminent domain abuse to coincide with this week's anniversary of the Kelo decision See if there's one in your neighborhood!

Hollywood, June 23, 4 pm, Bernard Luggage, 1642 N Vine Street
Contact: Ziggy Kruse, ziggykruse2005@yahoocom

San Bernardino, June 23, 7:30 pm, Victory Chapel, 1156 North F Street
Contact: Deanna Adams, deannahelena@earthlinknet

Moorpark, June 23, 4 pm, Cactus Patch, 197 East High Street
Contact: Jillian Clark, I2Angel@aolcom

Derby, July 27, Classic Counter Tops, 176 Main Street
Contact: Carl Yacobacci, classictops@sbcglobalnet

Riviera Beach, June

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Welcome to The Eminent Domain Weblog

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Kelo v New London, in which the Court declared that government may seize homes and businesses under eminent domain, and transfer the property to private developers to build shopping centers, restaurants, luxury condominiums, and other private projects—despite the fact that the Constitution only allows government to seize land “for public use”

Since then, Americans have begun leading a grassroots crusade to demand protection for their property New laws in over a dozen states seek to restrict the use of eminent domain, and lawsuits in Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida, and other states have demanded that judges recognize the

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