February 4, 2007

More Eminent Domain Abuse in New Jersey

By More Eminent Domain Abuse in New Jersey

Officials in Bayonne, New Jersey, are looking forward to using eminent domain to construct a shopping center.

[Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Nancy] Kist said that Cameron wants to buy a vacant, 14-acre, contaminated parcel from AGC, a subsidiary of the Japanese-owned Asahi Glass. She said that land is targeted by Cameron for "several anchor tenants – big box stores."

Kist said the BLRA won't wait much longer for an amicable resolution.

"We expect that Cameron will continue to negotiate in good faith (with AGC), but . this is too important a project not to use eminent domain when we're talking about the future of an environmentally compromised vacant piece of land," Kist said.

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