Michigan Supreme Court ends home equity theft

Rafaeli, LLC v. Oakland County

In 2014, Oakland County, Michigan foreclosed on a home owned by Uri Rafaeli's business—Rafaeli, LLC—over an $8.41 tax debt. The County sold the property for $24,500, and kept profits. Ditto for Andre Ohanessian, when the County seized and sold his property for $82,000, and pocketed every penny left over from the $6,000 tax debt. While most stat ...

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July 22, 2020

Senate confirms new OMB director, clearing path for increased focus on deregulatory priorities

Washington, D.C.; July 22, 2020: On Monday, the U.S Senate confirmed Russ Vought as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget by a vote of 51-45. "After years in which the previous OMB director had competing obligations, it's wonderful that that OMB has a confirmed director who's shown strong support for principled deregulatory ...

July 17, 2020

Michigan Supreme Court ends home equity theft

Lansing, Michigan; July 17, 2020: In a momentous victory for homeowners and their property rights, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled today that counties may not steal the savings that people stored away in their homes.   Until today, counties could seize property from those who fall behind on their taxes — like Uri Rafaeli, whose ...

July 17, 2020

President Trump marks another milestone in regulatory reform

Washington, D.C.; July 17, 2020: On Wednesday, July 15, the White House announced a rule change that modernizes and streamlines the environmental review process under the National Environmental Policy Act. On Thursday, July 16, President Donald Trump hosted an event on the White House lawn with key stakeholders, including Pacific Legal Foundation, ...

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August 06, 2020

Townhall: Congressional and state efforts to reform doctrine of Qualified Immunity underway

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis over Memorial Day Weekend sparked protests and nationwide discussions of race, police abuse and criminal justice reform — a discussion that has yet to abate. His tragic death also renewed focus on a legal doctrine called "qualified immunity" that government bureaucrats and regulatory officers have used a ...

July 31, 2020

The Hill: To cripple the abusive campus ‘sex bureaucracy,’ rein in the Title IX coordinators

If you want to entrench a government policy, make sure someone's job depends on enforcing it. Even if that person isn't a true believer in the program initially, she will be by the time her first paycheck arrives — and increasingly after that. That's certainly the case with the education system's Title IX coordinators, who ...

July 23, 2020

The Detroit News: State’s highest court upholds fundamental property rights

"Government shall not collect more in taxes than are owed, nor shall it take more property than is necessary to serve the public." With these words, the Michigan Supreme Court on Friday confirmed what Uri Rafaeli and his attorneys knew all along: The government violates constitutional property rights when it takes more than it is ...


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