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Blog > Returning to the University of Florida College of Law

Returning to the University of Florida College of Law

September 25, 2015 I By MARK MILLER

uf-fed-soc-logo1Earlier this month, Constitution Week allowed me to visit my alma mater and speak to the University of Florida College of Law chapter of the Federalist Society about the Pacific Legal Foundation and its work in Florida and across the country.

When I attended UF Law in a previous century, our “Fed Soc” chapter did not have a high profile. That has changed! Last year, the school hosted the 2014 Fed Soc National Student Symposium, an event which focused on the ongoing American struggle to balance security and freedom. Speakers included former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey. You’ve come a long way, baby UF Law Fed Soc!

Last week, we did not have a former U.S. Attorney General on the dais, but I did share the dais with Professor Ken Nunn, a UF Law institution who has taught at UF at least since I sat in his class many, many moons ago. He kindly said he recalled me from class; as to that claim, let’s just say he is an excellent professor and very kind to his former students.

We used the event to talk about a variety of PLF Atlantic Center cases, including the Crafted Keg growler case and the Yates v. United States case which reached the Supreme Court of the United States, where PLF filed an amicus brief on behalf of a number of commercial fishing groups from across the nation. Both cases implicated the Constitution, as most of Pacific Legal Foundation cases do, making them the right cases to discuss during Constitution Week.

I particularly appreciated that UF Law students filled the large classroom set aside for the event.  Hopefully, those students will become attorneys and defend their clients’ constitutional rights from an overreaching government bureaucrat in the future. Goodness knows, they will have enough opportunities to do so.

UF College of Law

Go Gators!

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