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October 24, 2018

Sarah A. Muse

As the Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship, Sarah leads Pacific Legal Foundation's efforts to update and inspire PLF's supporters through a variety of communication channels. She is committed to providing donors with a positive experience from their first engagement through the course of their relationship with PLF. Prior to joining PLF, Sara ...

January 11, 2017

Doug Kruse

Doug Kruse leads PLF's nationwide fundraising team as Senior Director of Development. He joined PLF in May 2014 as Atlantic Regional Director of Development and was promoted to his current role in April 2017. Born and raised in New York, Doug experienced overreaching government firsthand. He later relocated to New Hampshire, a perfect fit for ...

January 09, 2017

John A. Cameron

Years ago, before John jumped out of airplanes and carried a machine gun for a living, he swore an oath. Part of that oath is below. I, John A. Cameron, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; . . .   ...

January 08, 2017

Cara A. Dublin

Cara Dublin joined Pacific Legal Foundation in 2018. Since she's a sixth generation native Texan, her love of liberty is deep and inborn. This love, while inherent to all Texans, is not as unique as we might like to think, since Texas has always modeled her pursuit of liberty after the American pattern—or at least ...

January 08, 2017

Catharina A. Gonzalez

Kay Gonzalez joined PLF’s IT and Development team in March 2004. At that time, she had no real interest in anything legal or political in nature. She was solely interested in resolving IT issues and number crunching. However, PLF’s property rights cases started to pique her interest.  PLF’s press release updates and videos featu ...

January 07, 2017

Caroline Gray-Klahr

Caroline Gray-Klahr joined the Pacific Legal Foundation team on June 4, 2014. As the Database Specialist, she is a vital member of both the Funding and IT departments. Just as in any business, she is a logical and detail oriented individual who takes pride in keeping timely accurate data for reliable reporting and interpretation. Born ...

January 06, 2017

Jack Hartpence

Jack Hartpence joined Pacific Legal Foundation in 2017. Born in New York and raised in North Carolina, Jack's upbringing was in many ways a juxtaposition of American Culture. Jack found a passion for liberty during the tragic events that transpired on September 11th, 2001. As a boy living in New York with his family at ...

January 06, 2017

Kathy Hoekstra

Kathy Hoekstra is the Development Communications Officer with the Pacific Legal Foundation. Before joining PLF, she was the national regulatory policy reporter for where her work appeared in a number of media outlets including the Washington Examiner, the American Spectator, Real Clear Investigations, Townhall, among others. She was al ...

January 06, 2017

Ellen Hubbard

Ellen Hubbard joined Pacific Legal Foundation in August 2017 as a donor relations officer. After growing up in Minnesota and graduating from college in Oregon, Ellen worked as a television news anchor and reporter in Idaho and SW Florida.  Realizing that earning minimum wage for a living wasn't going to cut it, she enrolled in ...

January 04, 2017

James G. Katzinski

Jim joined the Northwest Center in 1999 as part of the expanded team challenging the region’s listing of salmon under the Endangered Species Act. Since then, he has spearheaded PLF’s fundraising program in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. Prior to joining PLF, Jim worked for major institutions in the financial services industry, a ...