Alexander Khoury

Constitutional Law Fellow |

Alexander Khoury joined PLF as a constitutional law fellow in August 2022.

He first became interested in the legal liberty movement as an undergraduate at Sonoma State University, where he studied political science and economics. Moved by the works of Frederick Douglass and James Madison, Alexander became committed to preserving individual autonomy, which he believes is not only essential for a free society but is also the only way people can live a dignified and fulfilled life. Alexander sees his work for PLF as a practical means of forwarding these classical liberal values.

Alexander studied law at the University of California, Davis. During his time at UC Davis Law, he was president of the Davis Federalist Society. He also worked as a certified legal intern at the Yolo County Public Defender’s office, where his duties ranged from drafting and arguing suppression motions, to assisting in felony case research, to representing clients in misdemeanor court.

In his personal time, Alexander is an avid reader, hiker, and powerlifter. If questioned, he will happily explain—in great detail—why football is the greatest sport ever invented by man.