Allan Cogan

Strategic Research Associate |

Conducting critical social science research with the strategic research team at Pacific Legal Foundation, Allan Cogan serves as a Research Associate in the Washington D.C. office helping to invigorate constitutional awareness.

Prior to joining PLF, Allan worked as a case manager at JusticePoint, a pretrial supervision non-profit in the Milwaukee County criminal justice system. Through motivational interviewing and access to hundreds of county resources, Allan assisted defendants in reporting to court, managing sobriety, and achieving overall success while on bail. In doing so, he proudly helped to curb resentment of court and law enforcement—all while saving taxpayer dollars by reducing recidivism and mitigating court resources.

Completing both his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Science in Community Engagement & Education Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Allan has worked diligently to chase his ambition of working in public service and research, and has solidified his values in liberty, democracy, and education.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Allan is an avid bowler—even bowling competitively with the UW-Milwaukee bowling team around the nation during his undergraduate career. When not on the lanes, Allan enjoys working out, running, and writing. Additionally, a connoisseur of music (often labeled an old soul), Allan plays multiple instruments, with violin and guitar being his forte and blues/jazz his first love.