Andy Kidd

Donor Relations Officer |

As a Donor Relations officer, Andy Kidd develops relationships with Pacific Legal Foundation’s donors. He is a firm believer in liberty and justice and works hard with the wonderful donors of PLF to help advance property rights, true equality and opportunity, and the separation of powers.  

It is Andy’s mission to help generous donors accomplish something meaningful with their money, and to help them see the legacy their donations create. PLF donors are defenders of liberty, and Andy is thrilled to work with such passionate people. There is nothing that brings him greater joy than working with PLF to help fight for the individual freedoms that all Americans have the right to enjoy. 

Before joining PLF, he worked as a Major Gift officer at Utah State University. He is a true-blue Aggie and graduated from Utah State with a bachelor’s degree in political science. It was from this excellent education that Andy’s commitment to liberty and justice grew into the burning passion he has today.  

When not working to enforce the Constitution’s guarantee of individual liberty, Andy is at his home in Idaho, where he loves to spend his free time with his wonderful wife and children.