Carol Park

Strategic Research Analyst DC

Carol Park joined PLF’s Strategic Research team in 2020. Her main role as a strategic research analyst is to help PLF fight for Americans’ individual and economic liberty using her skills in data-driven social science research.

Before PLF, Carol worked as a policy analyst at various organizations within the liberty movement, such as the Reason Foundation and the Independent Institute. Just prior to joining PLF, she worked as a senior policy analyst at the Maryland Public Policy institute, specializing in issues of economic liberty, fiscal policy, and public pension funds.

Carol earned a master’s degree in international and development economics from Yale University and a master’s in public administration from Columbia University. Originally from Canada, Carol obtained a B.A. in economics from the University of Toronto.

Carol’s research has been published in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Forbes, The Hill, Washington Examiner, The Business Journals, San Francisco Chronicle, Investor’s Business Daily, and The Journal of Alternative Investments, among others.

Carol lives in Boston with her husband, Nathan, and two cats, Tony and Leo. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and culinary adventures.




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January 12, 2021

How the California Coastal Commission is hurting Californian home buyers and renters

The private vs. public beach debate is often characterized as debate on social justice. The logic is that blocked public beach access disproportionally hurts the poor who cannot afford to live in beachfront homes. In California, this is where the heroic California Coastal Commission enters: to protect the rights of such disadvantaged groups against ...