Eileen L. Dutra

Executive Coordinator - Legal Department Sacramento

Eileen Dutra joined Pacific Legal Foundation in October, 1990, initially working in the Funding Department for three years then transferring over to the Legal Department.  Currently she works closely with the attorneys and support staff to ensure accurate and timely filing of the Foundation’s litigation.

Prior to joining PLF, Eileen worked as a civilian for the Air Force and was a systems administrator for SIMS (Squadron Information Management System) at Tempelhof Air Base in Berlin, Germany.  Her home was half a block from the Berlin Wall and her children stood on the viewing platforms waving to East German guards who were trained to shoot those that would try to escape the government oppression.  She also spent time in East Berlin where suppression of human rights by the Eastern bloc was prevalent.  This gave Eileen a unique perspective on how valuable our freedoms are and how easily it is to take them for granted tucked away here in the United States.  Working for PLF and fighting in some small way has been Eileen’s way of “giving back” for the rights and privileges she enjoys in this country and for those she hopes to preserve for her grandchildren.

Eileen has been married for 32 years to her husband, Stevan, and they have 3 girls and 6 grandchildren.  She enjoys cooking, home DIY projects, gardening, and water sports.


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